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1. You can watch an entire game on TV, including extra innings

If you aren’t a fan of the sport, then you probably find baseball too slow-paced to sit through a whole game, even at the ballpark. Well, being at the stadium and experiencing a game in person is child’s play compared to watching a game on TV, especially if it goes to extra innings.

2. You are probably at least a bit superstitious…maybe

From pitchers not stepping on the foul lines to batters readjusting their gloves a certain way between at bats, there are a lot of superstitions in baseball. If you are a true fan, then you probably have a few superstitions yourself when it comes to cheering for your team. It could be wearing the same hat or jersey, or sitting in a certain position. Whatever is needed to help the team win.

3. You know what ERA, OBP and WHIP mean (among others)

There are a crazy number of stats to keep track of in baseball. Apparently the more games a sport plays in a season, the more stats they record. Only the most die-hard fans can tell you what EVERY stat in baseball means, but you should definitely know the basics.

4. You are loyal to your team

Rivalries are huge in baseball. Most fans have a team that is near and dear to their hearts, if not multiple teams. But it is rare, if ever, that you find a baseball fan who cheers for two rival teams. There aren’t very many people who would dare cheer for the Red Sox AND the Yankees, or for the Giants AND the Dodgers.

5. You wear a rally cap to spark a comeback

The rally cap is one of the best superstitions in baseball and it is supported by the fans and the players. When your team is trailing late in the game, you turn your hat inside out or point the bill straight up on your head (for those who don’t want to ruin their hat) in the hope of spurring on a rally. As seen above, some like to add their own little flare to help inspire the team.

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